Luster Topcoat Application Instructions

Lack Luster and Satin Luster Instructions

The Lusters are our water based Poly Acrylic top coats.

Gently shake the bottle to mix flattening agents. Open Jar and brush on a thin coat. Allow it to dry completely and apply a second coat for extra protection or sheen.

We recommend an alternative method when using Lack Luster, especially over dark surfaces or areas where brush strokes might be undesirable. Use a lightly damp sponge to apply. Dip the damp sponge in the Luster and wipe over the surface of the piece following the grain lines. This helps prevent drips and uneven build up, or the haze that Flat topcoats may leave behind when using the brush on method.

We recommend at least one coat of Luster top coat over every piece for extra protection. It's easy to apply, fast drying and adds protection to the piece you just recreated. Unlike waxing, its permanent and you don't have to repeat it. If you choose to re-paint the piece at a later date, you may simply scuff the surface with sand paper, and repaint. You cannot paint over waxed surfaces without sanding or stripping the wax first.