Crackle Medium instructions

Crackle Medium adds the aged and peeling look to any piece that you desire. Crackle is best used with 2 contrasting colors of paint. 

First, paint the piece with a color of choice and allow to dry completely

Second, brush a generous amount of crackle medium randomly on the piece. The heavier the crackle medium, the larger the cracks in the product. When deciding where to place the crackle, choose areas of interest or areas the would naturally get wear. 

Allow the crackle medium to dry to the "tacky" state. Apply a coat of Miss Lillian's No-Wax Chock Paint in a contrasting color over the entire piece. Be careful not to "drag" the brush through the crackle medium, but to apply paint on top of it. Allow this to dry thoroughly. If you want faster "crackling" results, use a blow dryer to speed up the drying time of the last coat of paint. As it dries, the Crackle medium shrinks and pulls the top layer of paint with it causing fractures in the surface.